The Local Area

Local shops are located in Mercatale and Lisciano Niccone, they are excellent. There is a bakery in Mercatale and top quality meats in the butcher shops in both villages. There are two grocery shops in Mercatale and a pharmacy on the way to Lisciano Niccone. There is also a small selection of goods at El Pino Bar just down at the main road; itís also a good place for a real coffee. Local restaurants are very good, thereís Mimmi in Mercatale, Gianna in Lisciano Niccone these are both family owned and operated places. Also in Lisciano is a pizzeria named Fizz Bar which has great pizzas but only at dinnertime. Down the valley toward Umbertide is our local winery which also has a very good restaurant, they are open every day at 1pm. On Monday evenings during the summer, they offer tours of the vineyard and cantina along with dinner. Also on the way to Umbertide in the village of Niccone is Nonna Gelsaís which is fabulous.